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Pianka Papers in The American Naturalist

1. Willson, M. F. and E. R. Pianka. 1963. Sexual selection, sex ratio, and mating system. American Naturalist 97: 405-407.

2. Pianka, E. R. 1966. Latitudinal gradients in species diversity: A review of concepts. American Naturalist 100: 33-46. (Reprinted in 1981 in C. F. Jordan (ed.) Tropical Ecology, Benchmark Papers in Ecology. Hutchinson Ross Publishing Company. Reprinted in 2002 in Robin L. Chazdon and T. C. Whitmore (eds.) Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries. University of Chicago Press, Chicago). Reprinted in 2004 in M. V. Lomolino, D. F.Sax and J. H. Brown (eds.) Foundations of Biogeography. University of Chicago Press, Chicago). Download pdf. Celebrated in Asilomar in 2016.

3. MacArthur, R. H. and E. R. Pianka. 1966. On optimal use of a patchy environment. American Naturalist 100: 603-609. Selected as "This Week's Citation Classic" in Current Contents (Social and Behavioral Sciences) (1988), volume 20 (number 31): page 16, in Current Contents (Arts and Humanities) (1988), volume 10 (number 31): page 16, and in Current Contents (Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences) (1988), volume 19 (number 31): page 16.) (Reprinted in 1991 in L. A. Real and J. H. Brown (eds.) Foundations of Ecology. Classic Papers with Commentaries. Univ. Chicago Press.)

4. Pianka, E. R. 1970. On r and K selection. American Naturalist 104: 592-597. (Reprinted in 1978 in T. H. Clutton-Brock and P. H. Harvey (eds.) Readings in Sociobiology. Freeman. Selected as "This Week's Citation Classic" in Current Contents (1979), volume 10 (number 47): page 10.)

5. Pianka, E. R. 1972. r and K selection or b and d selection? American Naturalist 106: 581-588.

6. Pianka, E. R. and W. S. Parker. 1975. Age-specific reproductive tactics. American Naturalist 109: 453-464.

7. Schoener, T. W., R. B. Huey, and E. R. Pianka. 1979. A biogeographic extension of the compression hypothesis: Competitors in narrow sympatry. American Naturalist 113: 295-298.

8. Schall, J. J. and E. R. Pianka. 1980. Evolution of escape behavior diversity. American Naturalist 115: 551-566.

9. Pianka, E. R. 1989. Desert lizard diversity: additional comments and some data. American Naturalist 134: 344-364.

10. Pianka, E. R. 1995. Evolution of body size: Varanid lizards as a model system. American Naturalist 146: 398-414.

11.Winemiller, K. O., E. R. Pianka, L. J. Vitt, and A. Joern. 2001. Food web laws or niche theory? six independent empirical tests. American Naturalist 158: 193-199.

12. Vitt, L. J., E. R. Pianka, W. E. Cooper, and K. Schwenk. 2003. History and the global ecology of squamate reptiles. American Naturalist 162: 44-60.

13. Huey, R. B. and E. R. Pianka. 2007. Lizard thermal biology: do genders differ? American Naturalist 170: 473-478.

14. Mesquita, D. O., G. C. Costa, R. Colli, T. B. Costa, D. B. Shepard, L. J. Vitt, and E. R. Pianka. 2016. Life history patterns of lizards of the world. American Naturalist 187: 689-705.

15. Pianka, E. R., L. J. Vitt, N. Pelegrin, N., D. B. Fitzgerald, and K. O. Winemiller. 2017. Towards a Periodic Table of Niches or Exploring the Lizard Niche Hypervolume. American Naturalist 190: 601-616. Press Release. Early View. Download pdf.

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