ERPs Austral Ecology Papers

Pianka Papers in Austral Ecology

1. Pianka, E. R. 1994. Comparative ecology of Varanus in the Great Victoria desert. Australian Journal of Ecology 19: 395-408. Download pdf.

2. Thompson, G. G., M. de Boer, and E. R. Pianka. 1999. Activity areas and daily movements of an arboreal monitor lizard, Varanus tristis (Squamata: Varanidae) during the breeding season. Australian Journal of Ecology 24: 117-122. Download pdf

3. Thompson, G. G., P. C. Withers, E. R. Pianka, and S. A. Thompson. 2003. Assessing biodiversity with species accumulation curves: Inventories of small reptiles by pit-trapping in Western Australia. Austral Ecology 28: 361-383. Download pdf

4. Pianka, E. R. and S. E. Goodyear. 2012. Lizard responses to wildfire in arid interior Australia: Long-term experimental data and commonalities with other studies. Austral Ecology 37: 1-11. Download pdf

5. Pianka, E. R. 2014. Rarity in Australian Desert Lizards. Austral Ecology 39: 214-224. Download pdf

6. Mesquita, D. O., R. G. Faria, G. R. Colli, L. J. Vitt, and E. R. Pianka. 2016. Lizard life history strategies. Austral Ecology 41: 1-5. Download pdf.

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