Impending Economic Collapse

Impending Economic Collapse

Our current economic system is fatally flawed because it is based on the principle of a chain letter, i. e. a Ponzi scheme. Growth simply cannot continue indefinitely in a world of finite resources. So-called "neo-economics" or"macroeconomics" is based upon extracting resources from nature as fast as posssible to support perpetual "growth". Our economic "system" quite simply rapes nature for dollars.

Arctic Methane Emergency: Economy vs. Ecology

Daly (1991,1997) is a widely-ignored sane voice crying in the insane dark begging classical economists to wake up and embrace an equilibrium sustainable system. Coupling such insane economics with runaway greed results in recessions and inevitably leads to economic depression. We need to overhaul our economic system if we ever hope to reach a stable sustainable state.

ERP: Domino Effects

Anarcho- primitivism

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