Eric Pianka's Videos

Eric Pianka's Videos (plus some other good ones)

Some of these take a while to load, please be patient

NASA's "Average Temperatures 1884-2012" (45 seconds)

Cosmos "Evolution" movie (50 seconds)

ERP reads Vonnegut's "REQUIEM" (68 seconds)

ERP reads James Dickey's "For the Last Wolverine" (6 minutes)

Watch ERP's "Ontogeny"

Watch ERP "On Human Nature" (2.4 minutes)

Read ERP's "On Human Nature"

Watch ERP's "Future Pending" (4.5 minutes)

Watch ERP's "Domino Effects" (6.5 minutes)

ERP MSNBC Interview (5 minutes).

ERP KXAN Interview (2.5 minutes).

Nina Paley's cartoon The Stork (3 min.)

Ernest Kline's Dance, Monkeys, Dance (3.5 minutes, turn up volume).

Kurt Vonnegut (PBS) (9 minutes).

Watch ERP on "Biological Traps" (9 minutes)

David Suzuki video on exponential growth: Now I'm scared (3.5 mins)

Watch "Limits to Growth" (15 min.)

ERP Global Warming (4.5 min.).

Watch "Methane Emergency" (28 min.)

Watch Newsroom: Climatologist Interviewed (5 min.)

ERP The Human Overpopulation Crisis (Short version, 3.5 min.).

ERP The Human Overpopulation Crisis (Long version, 25 min.).

Listen to "On Line Interview with Adrian Smith" (57.5 minutes)

Nova's "Lizard Kings" (50 min.)

Watch "MegaSlums" (50 min.)

Watch "Earth Days" (1 hour, 54 min.)

Watch ABC News's Earth 2100 (83 minutes)

Click to watch Quicktime movie of Bison running (80 megs).

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