Structure and Function of Organisms
Bio 206L

Lab 11: Plant transpiration

 1.             In which specific type of tissue in a vascular plant water transported? ______________________

 2.             In which specific type of tissue in a vascular plant are products of photosynthesis transported? _________________________

 3.             Water exits a plant through the openings in leaves called ___________________________

 4.             The ?state? that is kept steady in the Steady State Diffusion Porometer is the _________________  ________________ in the cuvette.

5.             Pairs of cells surrounding the stoma are known as ________________ __________________.

 6.             Abscisic acid sensors are located in the __________________ __________________ of plants.

 7.             The application of abscisic acid simulates __________________-_________________ in plants.

 8.             Plants use sunlight and ________________ in the process of photosynthesis to produce ___________________ and _____________________.

 9.             The _____________-________________ theory of water transport in plants states that water moves through the cells of the xylem under negative pressure.

 10.           When the concentration of carbon dioxide within a leaf increases, guard cells lose ________________  _______________ and stomata close.

11.           Guard cells have ____________________  _________________ sensors.

 12.           The scientific name of the plant used in this laboratory exercise is _______________________  _____________________.

 13.           Chlorophyll autofluoresces in the _____________________ range when excited with ____________________-___________________ light.

14.           On the other hand, lignin autofluoresces in the _____________________ range when excited with ______________________-_______________________ light.

15.           _______________________ is a complex strengthening compound found in the secondary wall of certain plant cells.

 16.           Most plants have a greater abundance of stomata on the _______________________ leaf surface.

 17.           The first part of the laboratory activity compares the effect of different __________________ levels on the transpiration rate.

18.           The second part of the laboratory activity compare the effect of ____________________ or ________________ on the transpiration rate.

 19.           __________________ and _____________________ exit leaves through the stomata and __________________________enters the leaves through the stomata

 20.           _____________________ ___________________ will be used to make epidermal leaf impressions.

 21.           The lab activities will be done on the ________________________ leaves of the bean plants.

 22.           The control solution for the second lab activity uses a mixture of 1% __________________ mixed with 99% water.

 23.           In what units will the transpiration rate be measured by the steady state porometer? __________________________________

 24.           What units will the quantum flux density be measured?


 25.           Crystal violet stains the middle lamella __________________, stains starch __________________ and stains mucilage __________________.



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