Structure and Function of Organisms
Bio 206L

Lab 4: Representative Invertebrates

1.                  Crayfish are in the phylum _____________.

2.                  Crayfish are in the class _______________.

3.                  In a few words describe the following anatomical terms: Anterior, Posterior, Dorsal, Ventral, Medial, Lateral, Proximal, Distal (each term would only be one quiz question.

4.                  The hard shell on the outside of the crayfish is called the _________.

5.                  The outside of the crayfish is made primarily of _____________.

6.                  The body of the crayfish is made of two major regions, the ____________ and the abdomen.

7.                  The crayfish does not have veins or capillaries.  Blood flows into sinuses.  This is called an _______________ circulatory system.

8.                  The gills are located under the ___________________.

9.                  The gills are feathery or finely dissected to ____________________________ _________________________________.

10.              The main nerve cord runs on the ___________________ side of the animal.

11.              The heart is on the _______________________ side of the animal.

12.              The green glands excrete ___________________ ________________ through the __________________________.

13.              The cerebral ganglion is the _________________ of the crayfish.

14.              In the Paramecium digestion lab, methyl cellulose is added to ________________


15.              The Paramecium eat yeast cells that are stained with __________ ___________.

16.              The stain changes color in response to a change in ____________________.

17.              The food passes through the Paramecium contained in ____________ which circulate in the cell.

18.              Undigested food leaves the Paramecium through the __________ __________.

19.              Food enters the Paramecium through the _____________ _____________.

20.              Food and water are swept by cilia into the end of the _____________ _________

where food vacuoles form.


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