Structure and Function of Organisms
Bio 206L

Lab 5: Crayfish physiology

1.                   What gas is taken up during ventilation? ____________________

2.                 What gas is released during ventilation? ____________________

3.                 What molecule is broken down to generate energy? ____________

4.                 During ventilation, gases enter and exit the circulatory system by the process of ______________.

5.                 The amount of water pumped by a crayfish past its gills is proportional to what? __________________________

6.                 Why is nitrogen gas bubbled through the water in this laboratory exerise ?


7.                 In what direction do crayfish pump water? ____________________

8.                 In the crayfish physiology lab, you will be taking oxygen concentration data readings every ____________ minutes.

9.                 Blood pressure is defined as _______________________________

10.              Vessels that carry blood away from the heard are called __________

11.               Blood pressure is highest at the time of ______________________

12.              The highest blood pressure reading is called the ________________

13.              During ventricular relaxation, you will measure the ______________ pressure.

14.              A ____________________ consists of an inflatable armband, rubber bulb, and a pressure gauge.

15.              The arm-band is initially inflated to a pressure that stops _____________________.

16.              When you can first hear a pulse in the stethoscope, the gauge will measure the ______________ pressure.

17.              In what units is blood pressure measured? ____________________

18.              The ___________________________ is characterized by a reduction in the pulse rate and the blood flow when someone places his/her face in water.

19.              ______________________ are tiny vessels that connect the arteries to the veins.

20.            Vessels that carry blood towards the heart are called ____________.





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