Bio 301M Videos


Some of these take a while to load, please be patient

Cosmos Evolution movie (50 seconds).

NASA's "Average Temperatures 1884-2012" (45 seconds)

Watch ERP's "Domino Effects" (6.5 minutes)

Nina Paley's cartoon The Stork (3 min.)

Ernest Cline's Dance, Monkeys, Dance (3.5 minutes, turn up volume).

David Suzuki video on exponential growth: Now I'm scared (3.5 mins)

Watch ERP's "Future Pending" (4.5 min.)

ERP On Human Nature (2.4 min.).

ERP Global Warming (4.5 min.).

ERP Biological Traps (9 minutes).

ERP The Human Overpopulation Crisis (Short version, 3.5 min.).

ERP The Human Overpopulation Crisis (Long version, 25 min.).

Watch "Limits to Growth" (15 min.)

Watch "MegaSlums" (50 min.)

Watch ABC News's Earth 2100 (83 minutes)

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