Cucurbita foetidissima

Common Name:  Buffalo Gourd, Stinking Gourd, Foetid Gourd

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Cucurbita foetidissima habit.jpg (142246 bytes) Cucurbita foetidissima leaf1.jpg (93641 bytes)
habit - stems often run to 6m or more leaf--what kind of venation is present here?
Cucurbita foetidissima fruit.jpg (67868 bytes)
young fruit--the fruits start off looking like little watermelons (which are also in the Cucurbitaceae) but turn yellow on maturing close-up detail of leaf surface - leaf blades are large and scabrous
older fruit inside an old fruit
flower bud emerging from the axil of the leaf Is this a male or female flower?
tendrils of Cucurbitaceae emerge lateral to the leaves; these are branching tendrils