Nolina lindheimeriana

Common Name: Devil's Shoestring, Ribbon Grass, Lindheimer's Nolina

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Nolina lindheimeriana leafbases2.jpg (93001 bytes)
habit--notice the tall inflorescence stalk The leaves of Nolina lindheimeriana are more flattened (photo left and left cross-section) than those of N. texana (right), which are hemispherical in cross-section. The serrulate leaf margins give this plant its common name.
nolina.linheimeriana.jpg (73930 bytes) Nolina lindheimeriana flowers2.jpg (34896 bytes)
inflorescence in full flower flowers closeup
nolina.lindheimeriana.fruit.jpg (62385 bytes)
fruits--notice how different these fruits are compared to the fruits of Nolina texana close-up of the fruits
another close-up of the infructescence close-up of an individual fruit (a capsule)