Freshman Research Initiative- research methods Homework #2 and #3
Dr. Reichler Fall 2008

Guest lecturers will speak to class on 10/13, 14 and 10/22, 23.  These are all established researchers from UT who will tell us about the educational and research paths that led them to their current areas of research and positions at UT.  In addition to their lecture, I want you to take an active role in these lectures by asking questions of our guest lecturers.  It is difficult to ask questions when you do not know what they will present.  So for the next two homework assignments I am asking you to develop three questions you might ask each of these professors.  I will give you some background information on each speaker that you can use to develop your questions.  You are free to do some additional research about these professors, such as search for their publications in a database or other search engine.

M 10/13 Dr. Stan Roux:  is a professor in the section of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  He also teaches the Discovery Labratory in Plant Biology stream.  Dr. Roux's website is:

T 10/14  Dr. Jennifer Moon:  is a lecturer in the School of Biology.  Dr. Moon teaches classes and researches the repsonses of plants to light and gravity.  She also runs a website (

W 10/22 and Th 10/23  Dr. Camille Parmesan:  is an associate professor in the Section of Integrative Biology.  Her research focuses on the affects of climate change on species.  She has also served on United Nations panels about climate change.  Her website is:

Your  three questions are due the day of the professor's lecture.  Your assignment should include your name and class time.  Next put the name of the professor you have developed the questions for.  Then include your three questions.  These homework asignments must be printed.  (Handwritten assignments will not be accepted.)

Homework #2 is due at the end of lecture on M 10/13 or T 10/14.

Homework #3 is
due at the end of lecture on W 10/22 or Th 10/23.