Freshman Research Initiative- research methods Homework #5
Dr. Reichler Fall 2008

Over the semester, we have looked at several ethical issues:  patents, patenting biology, use of animals in research, use of humans in research, and authorship.  I would like you to find an article regarding one of these issues.  The article can be from a scientific or popular journal, but the journal must be listed in the UT-library list of journals (  Briefly describe what the article is about, and then discuss whether you agree or disagree with the article's conclusions.  Your assignment should include your name and class time, followed by the article citation, and then your description and discussion of the article.  These homework assignments must be printed and no longer than 2 pages.  (Handwritten assignments will not be accepted.)

Homework #5 is
due in lecture on W 11/19 or Th 11/20.