Bio 212:  Genetics & Evolution (Spring 2004)

MW 9-10am in UTC 3.134

Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler                                                                TA:  Mari Salmi

Phone:  471-1074                                                                                471-1074


Office Hours: Bio 6  MW 10-11am,                                                   Bio 6 M 10am-noon,

Tu 11am-noon, or by appt.                              W 1-2pm, or by appt.




Relevant Chapter(s)

Jan 21

Introduction/Philosophy of Science



Strong Inference

1, article on website


DNA Structure

parts of 5, 16

Feb 2

Signal Transduction (Discussion sessions begin)


4, 9, 11

Transcription and Translation


*Feb 16

Exam 1


18, 23

Gene Expression in Bacteria and Viruses


25, Mar 1

Gene Expression in Eukaryotes


3, 8

DNA Replication and Replication Errors


*Mar 10

Exam 2



Spring Break


22, 24

Genetic Engineering



Mitosis and the Cell Cycle


31, Apr 5

Mutations and Cancer

parts of 12, 17, 19

7, 12

Meiosis and Developing Genetic Diversity

13, 23

*Apr 14

Exam 3


19, 21, 26


13, 14, 15

28, May 3, 5

Evolution and Natural Selection

Parts of 22, 23, 24, 25




*May 13

Final Exam from 2-5pm



On the class webpage ( you can find sample exams, announcements, exam keys, and other information about the class.


Notable Dates:

Feb 16- last day to drop without academic penalty

March 29- last day to drop with dean's approval

There will not be discussions on the following days:

Feb 16-17, March 22-23, April 19-20

Course Description:  This is an introductory biology class designed to prepare you for future classes as well as serving as an introduction to scientific thought and ideas.  We will cover basic information about how cellular information is transferred from cell to cell and organism to organism, what cells do with this information, and what are the implications of how and why this information is transferred.  For each subject I will present the basic information, and then as time permits, more in-depth material will be discussed highlighting current problems or techniques.


Lecture:  MW 9-10am in UTC 3.134.  All of the test material will come from information presented in lecture.  I recommend that you take good notes and/or record the lectures.  The easiest way to learn and perform well in my class is to attend lecture and discussion sessions.


Discussion Sessions:  The discussion sessions serve as a review of the material presented in class and allow students to ask questions in a small class setting.  Additionally, there will be a short quiz that will allow you to test your mastery of the material prior to taking the exams.  Discussions are not mandatory, but students who attend and participate in discussion sessions will be awarded up to 2 points to their final grade.  You may attend whichever discussion session best suits your schedule.  The discussion times are:

            M 2-3pm ETC 2.132, 3-4pm ETC 2.132

T 9-10am PAR 308, 10-11am WEL 4.224, 11am-noon RAS 313A

Discussions will start the week of Feb 2nd.  There will not be discussions after exams on the following days:  Feb 16-17, Mar 22-23, Apr 19-20


Grading and Exams:  There will be four exams, three in-class and a final.  The 50 minute in-class exams will include only the information presented since the previous exam.  The final will have two sections; one section will cover the material since exam 3, and the other section will be cumulative.  The cumulative part will be optional and will replace a previous exam grade.  If you miss an exam, contact Stuart as soon as possible.  Each test will be equally weighted, so that each one will be worth 25% of your final grade.

The exams will be short answer and essay.  There will be no multiple-choice questions in this class.

My teaching and testing style emphasizes the ability to understand and use the information presented in class.  I want to minimize your dependence on memorization and encourage you to think critically about biology.  For examples of the types of questions that will be asked on the tests, see the webpage.


Textbook:  "Biology" by Campbell and Reece 6th ed. is not required, but I recommend that you get it as it will be helpful as a reference and so you can study figures and tables that I present in class.  There will be copies available in the Life Science Library.  Handouts will be available in class or on the webpage as appropriate.