Much of Southern Mexico was once Rainforest. Unfortunately, much of it has been destroyed. The magnitude of the destruction is especially apparent when driving through these areas. Luckily there are still areas of Rainforest left to see.

This is Micsol-Ha. Since you can't have a rainforest without rain, it was raining on us while we were swimming. But on the plus side, there was no one else around.

This is the main tomb at some ruins called Pelenque. There is a passageway which leads to the tomb deep inside the pyramid.

Pelenque is quite large, and much remains unexcavated. In this picture you can see how the jungle surrounds and envelops the ruins.

Here I am in Villahermosa standing next to an Olmec head. The Olmecs were an ancient civilization who lived along the Gulf coast in Mexico. They pre-date the Aztecs and Mayas. Many of the Olmec's statues and carvings have been moved to this outdoor museum.

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