Dr. Reichler's Spring 2007 Bio 301M Bonus #2

This assignment is optional and can be worth a maximum of 2 points added to your final grade.

In class we have discussed global warming problems and solutions.  For this assignment I want you to research a specific method for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Choose a method for reducing greenhouse gases and discuss the pro's and con's.  I want you to give specific information about the costs and benefits of the method you choose.  How much greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced, what are the economic costs, and how quickly could this be implemented?  You will certainly need to do some research to get the detailed information.  Be sure to cite the sources you use.  Plagarism is using someone else's ideas without citing them.  You paper should be no longer than four pages.

Based on your paper, you can receive up to 2 points added to your final grade.  The typed/word-processed paper is due April 4, 2007 at the beginning of class.  If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to ask.