Dr. Stuart Reichler’s Spring 2009 Bio 301M Bonus #2
22 April 2009

This assignment is optional and can be worth a maximum of 2 points added to your final grade.

In Friday's (3/27) class, we talked about problems that humans make for non-humans (plants and animals), and how groups and/or individuals might help solve these problems.  For Bonus #2, try for a weekend, a week, or longer
to do one of the actions that individuals can do to help non-humans.  It may be one of the actions we discussed in class, but it need not be from this list:

Some of the ideas from class are:
Reducing goods and/or packaging bought
Reusing durable replacements for disposable goods
Eating less meat, or eating a vegetarian or vegan diet
Driving less/riding the bus more/biking or walking to get around town
Using less electricity and/or water
Political activism for animal-friendly or environment-friendly causes
Planting trees

This bonus will be graded on your report which should include the following information:
1.What you did.

2.What problems your actions helped solve.

3.A brief account of your experience.  Was it easy, or was it hard?  Did you feel like it really made a difference?  Do you think more people could do what you did; why or why not?  What could be done to make what you did easier, or more palatable, for others to do?

The report should not be more than 2 typed pages and is due in class on Wednesday, 22 April
I will subtract 0.5 points for each day late.