Dr. Stuart Reichler’s Fall 2007 Bio 325-uex Homework #2
Thursday 18 October 2007 in class

    We have discussed the connection between nature and nurture in class, and almost everyday researchers are identifying more genetic and environmental connections to human traits.  As we learn more about the factors that lead to various traits, we are gaining the ability to make more accurate predictions about people's traits based on information such as their genes and environment.  This type of information is already
indirectly asked for by insurance companies and doctors when they ask about the health of your ancestors, and/or where you are from.

You work for Congresswoman Taxnspend.  She has asked you to use your background in biology to help propose a law regarding the use of genetic information.  Your proposed law should deal with some of these questions:

    Include the approximate wording of your proposed law, legalese is not required, as well as the rationale behind your proposal.  Since Congresswoman Taxnspend will be asked questions about this proposed law, give her at least one possible objection and the rebuttal to this objection.  This assignment should not exceed three pages, and this is too short to solve all of these problems.  Include the law, rationale, and a rebuttal, but your law may only cover one or a subset of these questions.  Please include your name and what time your class is at the top.  A cover sheet is not necessary.

    Be certain to cite any outside sources that you use.  Using outside sources is fine, but not citing those sources is plagiarism.  This assignment should not exceed three pages.  (A reference page does not count towards the three page limit.)  This homework will be graded on a scale of 0-4 points.  The typed/word-processed paper should be printed and turned in during class on October 18, 2007 in classI will subtract 0.5 points for each day late.
    If you have any questions, please ask.