Dr. Stuart Reichler’s Fall 2007 Bio 325 Homework #3
This assignment is due in class Monday 19 Nov 2007 at the beginning of class

I want you to make a biologically themed cartoon.  This can be in the form of something that you draw, or a manipulation of some other image.  Using one or both of these methods, illustrate some concept or subject that we have covered during the semester.  Your cartoon can be a single panel, or more of a story with several panels.  This might give you some ideas, http://phdofu.livejournal.com/.  Your cartoon does not need to be similar, these are just to show you what is possible.  Remember that using someone else's ideas is ok, but using someone else's ideas without citing them is plagarism.  Be certain to cite any sources that you use, including original artwork that you might alter.

This assignment should not exceed 1 page.  Please print your cartoon and turn it in by the start of class on Nov. 19, 2007.  This homework will be graded on a scale of 0-4 points.  I will subtract 0.5 points for each day late.