Dr. Reichler's Bio 301M Spring 2010  Homework #4 due in class on F 3/12

If you attended class on W 3/3, then you did homework #4 in class, and youdo NOT need to complete this assignment.

If you were NOT in class on W 3/3, this is your assignment for homework #4:

Answer the following questions.
What would you think if mountain lions were being considered for reintroduction to the Texas Hill Country?
a) Who/what would benefit?
b) Who/what would be in peril?
c) What could be done to minimize the dangers and maximize the benefits?
d) If a mountain lion attacks someone's pet dog or cat, should the mountain lion be killed?
e) If a mountain lion kills someone's livestock, should the mountain lion be killed?
f) If a mountain lion attacks a person, should the mountain lion be killed?
g) If mountain lions were reintroduced to the Hill Country, would you go hiking?
h) Do the benefits of reintroducing mountain lions to the Hill Country outweigh the risks?
i) If mountain lions naturally migrate into the Hill Country, what, if any, steps should be taken?

Your homework should be a maximum of 4 pages and must be printed.  It is due on or before F 3/12.

Be certain to cite any outside sources that you use.  Using outside sources is fine, but not citing those sources is plagiarism.  This homework will be graded on a scale of 0-1 points.  I will subtract 0.2 points for each day late.

If you have any questions, please ask.