Lemmings Motorcycle Club and Adventure Society and Race Team

In the Fall of 1997 Lemmings member Mike Morrison purchased a YSR 50 racebike

and the Lemming's race team was born.

Here is this year's schedule.

Team members for bike #85:

Owner, Manager, Chief mechanic, May have more metal showing than most race bikes, and wearing the shiny new red and white leathers Mike Morrison.

Wearing black and hiding in the shadows while proudly holding a piece of our often crashed race bike, Driver of the support vehicle, the "Johnny Cash" of motorcycling, the master of disaster Delia Hoker.

Driver of the truck, "Passing dudes on the track is my mission", "So what if the bike is busted. The race ain't over yet so I'm going back out", Sporting the Orange and White of the University of Texas at Austin Laura Higgins.

And finally...The guy who as far as we can tell has no other job than to show up and ride (he may occaisionally turn a wrench or two in an emergency), What's up with the hair? Stuart Reichler.

Team captain Mike barks orders prior to the start of our first and so far only race.

It was a 12 hour endurance race on October 25, 1997. It ran from noon until midnight. We managed to be on the track for about 10 or so of the 12 hours compiling a total of 465 laps. The race was put on by the Texas Mini GP.

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