This list of figures used in class (from "Biology" by Campbell and Reece 7th ed.) is to help you study or keep track of what has been covered in class.  This list is in not intended to include everything covered in class, and there may be information that was discussed in class that did not have an accompanying figure or was from a different text.

1/26  Strong Inference
1/28  DNA Structure
2/2  Signal Transduction
2/4  From DNA to Proteins, Transcription
2/9  RNA Processing and Translation
2/11 Post-translational Modifications
End of Material for Exam 1

2/18  Can genes control behavior?
2/23  Viruses
2/25  Bacteria and Bacterial Gene Expression.  An Introduction to the Complexities of Regulation of Eukarytoic Gene Expression.
3/1  Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression continued
3/3 Examples of controling gene expression and an introduction to DNA replication
3/8  DNA replication and replication errors
End of material for Exam 2

3/22  Biotechnology
3/24  More Biotechnology, PCR online animation
3/29  Genetically Modifying Plants and People; Haploid vs Diploid Cells
3/31  Mitosis and Telomeres
4/5  Cancer, We covered the causes today, and will finish with a brief discussion of cures on 4/7
4/7  Treating cancer (on Powerpoint from 4/5).  Sexual vs. Asexual reproduction
4/12  Meiosis and how meiosis produces genetically diverse gametes and therefore genetically diverse offspring.
End of Material for Exam #3

4/19  Simple Inheritance; analyzing the past and predicting the future... blood-types as an example.
4/21  Complex Inheritance
4/26  More Complex Inheritance:  Genomic Imprinting and Environmental Effects
4/28  Genetic Diversity and Evolution
5/3  How Evolution Occurs: Natural Selection
5/5  Evolution:  Selection, Random, and the Environment
End of Material for Exam #4
End of Material for the Semester