The Powerpoint presentations that I use in class are uploaded each afternoon after class.  Sometimes I forget.  If you need to access a presentation, and I have not posted it yet, please email me.  Depending on your browser, you may view them on-line or download them and view them using Powerpoint.  Please keep in mind that these figures act as a jumping off point for teaching and discussing in class, and there may be information that was discussed in class that did not have an accompanying figure.  Click on the dates to access the presentation.
    Abbreviations:  CB = "Biology 7th ed." by Campbell and Reece

1/19  Introduction to Class and Strong Inference (article on webpage)
1/22  What is the world made of?
1/24  How are atoms held together to make molecules?
1/26  Biological Molecules Found in Cells
1/29  Membrane Fluidity and Viruses
1/31  Five Perspectives on Genes
2/2  How is DNA used to produce proteins?
2/5  What makes us who we are?  Nature and Nurture
2/7  Passing on DNA by Cell Division:  Mitosis and Meiosis
2/9  Inheritance:  How do different alleles interact leading to traits?
2/12  Inheritance:  Predicting the Future and Exceptions to Simple Recessive/Dominance (incomplete dominance, codominance, sex-linked traits)
2/14  Inheritance:  Mitochondrial DNA and what it can tell us about our ancestors
End of Material for Exam 1

2/19  Evolution:  What is it?
2/21  Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction and Monogamy vs Nonmonogamy
2/23  Why do males and females have different attitudes and behaviors about Monogamy?
2/26  Sexual Dimorphism and the Reversed Sex-Role Pipefish
2/28  DNA Replcation, Mitosis, and Cancer
3/2  Getting Cancer, Avoiding Cancer, and Treating Cancer
3/5  The connection between Telomeres, Immortality, and Cancer
3/7  Development:  from a single cell to trillions of different cells
3/9  How can smoking during pregnancy affect the offspring as an adult?
Have a Fantastic Spring Break.
3/19  Immune System:  Bacteria and the Non-specific Immune System
3/21  Immune System:  B-cells and T-cells
3/23  The HPV Vaccine
3/26  Avian Flu
3/28  Review for Exam 2
End of Material for Exam 2

4/2  Evolution of Human Ancestors with Limited Resources (on an island):  The story of Homo floresiensis
4/4  Neurons:  the cells of the Nervous System
4/6  Nervous system:  Sensing the Environment, and How can Birth Season affect Exam Scores?
4/9  The Brain and Dreaming
4/11  Movement:  Muscles and the Skeleton
4/13  Nature and Nurture:  What determines human sexuality?
4/16  The Digestive System
4/18  Nutrition and Cellular Respiration
4/20  Nutrition:  Can smelling food shorten your life?
4/23  Plants:  a basic introduction
4/25  Plant's Response to the Environment
4/27  Genetically Modified Crops
End of Material for Exam 3
End of Semester