The Powerpoint presentations that I use in class are uploaded each afternoon after class.  Sometimes I forget.  If you need to access a presentation, and I have not posted it yet, please email me.  Depending on your browser, you may view them on-line or download them and view them using Powerpoint.  Please keep in mind that these figures act as a jumping off point for teaching and discussing in class, and there may be information that was discussed in class that did not have an accompanying figure.  Click on the dates to access the presentation.
    Abbreviations:  CB = "Biology 7th ed." by Campbell and Reece

10/9  The Origin of Life and the RNA World with an Introduction of Cell Types
10/11  Microscopy and Charasterics of Prokaryotic Cells (bacteria and Archae)
10/13  Eukaryotic cells:  the Nucleus, DNA, and Transcription
10/16  RNA Processing
10/18  Translation
10/20  The effect of mutations on the amino acid sequence and post-translational modifications - secreted and intergral membrane proteins
10/23  Parts of a cell:  Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Golgi Apparatus (Vesicle transport), the Cytoskeleton, and vacuoles
10/25  Parts of a cell:  Extracellular matrix, Chloroplast, Mitochondria, and comparisons of animal and plant cells
10/27  Parts of a cell:  Intercellular Junctions (animal cells), the Endosymbiotic Theory of Mitochondrial and Chloroplast origin
End of Material for Exam 2

11/1  Strong Inference (download article pdf)
11/3  Energy:  Thermodynamics, Exergonic, Endergonic, and ATP
11/6  Energy:  Enzymes and Enzymatic Activators/Inhibitors
11/8  Photosynthesis:  Structural Adaptations and the Absorption of Light by Pigments
11/10  Photosynthesis:  Light and Calvin cycles
11/13  Cellular Respiration:  an overview, and ATP Synthase
11/15  Cellular Respiration:  Glycolysis, the Citric Acid cycle, ATP production, and fermentation
11/17  Signal Transduction:  Perception, Effectors, and Response
11/20  Signal Transduction:  How can changes in cytoplasmic calcium give specific responses?
11/22  No Class
11/27  Regulating Gene Expression
11/29  Regulating Eukaryotic Gene Expression and an Introduction to DNA Replication
12/1  DNA Replication and Mitosis
End of Material for Exam 3

12/6  Genetic Engineering:  Reverse Transcription and PCR
12/8  Genetic Engineering of Bacteria and Plants
End of Semester