These are pictures from a trip During the week of July 4, 1996.

My former next-door neighbor, Dave, and I took off for the open roads of New Mexico, Colorado, and a slice of Arizona. This picture was taken by Dave while driving north of Taos, NM.

Here we have stopped for a break while going into Taos via the backroads. There was oodles of this kind of fantastic scenery during the trip.

This was the highpoint of the trip. Above the treeline on an awesome road. Down the other side of the pass is Aspen, CO and from the top on down we got rained on. (notice the clouds behind me)

Among the sightseeing we did was a stop in Painted Desert National Park. After several hundred miles of driving through the desert we said, "wow more desert, neat." There were cool colors though.

After a stop in Albaquerque, Dave and I headed home via Southeastern New Mexico. Here we are getting cooked while visiting White Sands National Park.

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