These are pictures from a trip to Mexico from 5/17/97 to 6/1/97.

A common question about motorcycling through Mexico is,"How are the roads?" Here you can see that the roads are fine, and the scenery is great.

Of course there are exceptions. After riding all day on a teeny little nowhere road in western Oaxaca, we finally made it to the main road between Mexico City and Oaxaca city only to find 200 meters of missing road.

We had no problems with security for the bikes. As we were allowed to park them in the courtyards of the hotels we stayed at.

Here is a view from the driver's seat. This is leaving the town of Putla.

Here is some of the fantastic scenery we encountered. First, in the mountains west of Mexico City, the state of Michoacan. Second, just southwest of Mexico City leaving the town of Toluca.

Finally, the Bandit and I arrived home safe and sound on 6/1/97 after two weeks and 4,000 miles.

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