These pictures are from a fantastic trip I took to Mexico: where the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and as you can see the scenery is awesome.

Here is the main square of the loveliest city in the world, Zacatecas. While we were in Mexico, there was a teacher strike. So each city had teachers camped out in the square demanding such things as pay raises or free lunch for the kids.

This is looking back towards the square down one of the many small winding streets in this mountainous city.

This is the cable car which took us to the mine which overlooks the city.

Viva La Revolution, this statue of Panco Villa is found at the top of the mine.

Here are some ruins we saw just south of Zacatecas. They are known as La Quemada. Here at the Ball Court, Leah and Delia re-enact the fate of the losing team - Death.

We did go to other cities..

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