Foraging mode

Credits: Pianka ER, Vitt LJ, Pelegrin N, Fitzgerald D, and Winemiller KO. 2017. Towards a periodic table of niches, or Exploring the lizard niche hypervolume. American Naturalist. Supplementary material.


This plot shows the lizard species in a hypervolume reduced to three main dimensions through a PCA, coding foraging mode with different symbol colors.

Species from Lacertoidea, Anguimorpha and Scincidae are wide foragers, while Gekkota, Iguania and Xantusiidae are sit-and-wait foragers.
Foraging mode is closely related to other ecological traits like reproduction, and has profound implications on the evolution of reptiles, and on the ecology of reptile communities

Find detailed information for diet and foraging strategies in Appendix I.

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