Book Reviews by Eric R. Pianka

Partial List of Book Reviews by Eric R. Pianka

American Scientist, American Zoologist, BioScience, Cladistics, Copeia, EcoScience, Herpetologica, Herpetological Review, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Vegetation Science, Journal of Wildlife Management, Nature, Quarterly Review of Biology, Science

1973. Do Ecosystems Converge? Review of "Mediterranean Type Ecosystems. Origin and Structure," edited by Francesco di Castri and Harold A. Mooney. Springer-Verlag. Science

1976. "Evolution of Desert Biota" edited by D. W. Goodall. University of Texas Press. American Scientist

1977. "Population Biology" by Thomas C. Emmel. Harper and Row. Quarterly Review of Biology 52: 222-223.

1978. "Biogeographica. Volume IX. A Biogeographical Analysis of the Chihuahuan Desert through its Herpetofauna" by David J. Morafka, Junk. Quarterly Review of Biology 53: 187-188.

1979. Hutchinsonian Autobiography. Review of "The Kindly Fruits of the Earth: An Envionmental Study of an Embryo Ecologist" by G. E. Hutchinson. BioScience 29: 614.

1981. "The Behavioral Ecology of the Komodo Monitor" by Walter Auffenberg.University of Florida Press. Quarterly Review of Biology

1982. "Systematics and Biogeography: Cladistics and Vicariance" by Garth Nelson and Norman Platnick. Columbia University Press. "Vicariance Biogeography: A Critique," edited by Garth Nelson and Donn E. Rosen. Quarterly Review of Biology 57: 320.

1983. "Mechanisms of Speciation," edited by Claudio Barigozzi. Liss. Quarterly Review of Biology 58:424-425.

1983. "Biology of Reptiles: An Ecological Approach" by Ian F. Spellerberg. Chapman and Hall. Quarterly Review of Biology 58: 267.

1984. "Biology of the Reptilia, Volume 12 Physiology C (Physiological Ecology), Volume 13 Physiology D (Physiological Ecology)," edited by Carl Gans and F. Harvey Pough. Academic Press. Quarterly Review of Biology 59: 81.

1984. "Advances in Herpetology and Evolutionary Biology: Essays in Honor of Ernest E. Williams," edited by Ander G. J. Rhodin and Kenneth Miyata. Harvard University Press. Quarterly Review of Biology 59: 187.

1985. "A Biologist's Basic Mathematics" by David R. Causton. Edward Arnold. Quarterly Review of Biology 60: 135.

1986. Are Desert Reptiles Different? Review of "Ecophysiology of Desert Reptiles" by S. Donald Bradshaw. Academic Press. Nature

1988. "Gray's Monitor Lizard" by Walter Auffenberg.University of Florida Press. Copeia

1989. "Ecology of Reptiles" by Harold Heatwole and Janet Taylor. Surry Beatty and Sons. Quarterly Review of Biology 64: 354.

1990. "Simon and Schuster's Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of the World" by Massimo Capula. Simon and Schuster. Quarterly Review of Biology 65: 370.

1991. "Life History and Ecology of the Slider Turtle" by J. Whitfield Gibbons. Smithsonian Institution Press. Quarterly Review of Biology 66: 216-217.

1992. "An Introduction to Evolutionary Ecology" by Andrew Cockburn. Blackwell. Quarterly Review of Biology 67: 545.

1994. "Herpetology in Australia. A Diverse Discipline" edited by Daniel Lunney and Danielle Ayers. Transactions of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. Surrey, Beatty & Sons Pty. Journal of Wildlife Management

1994. "Fauna of Australia. Volume 2a. Amphibia & Reptilia" edited by Christopher J. Glasby, Graham J. B. Ross and Pamela L. Beesley. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra.

1995. "The Bengal Monitor" by Walter Auffenberg.University of Florida Press. Science

1997. "The Natural History of Monitor Lizards" by Harold F. De Lisle. Copeia 1997: 635-636.

2002. Species diversity: a new null model. Review of "The Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography" by S. P. Hubbell, Princeton University Press. Cladistics 18: 537-538.

2003. "Population ecology: First principles" by J. H. Vandermeer and D. E. Goldberg. Princeton University Press. EcoScience

2012. "Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles." J. B. Losos. 2009. Copeia 2012: 583-586.

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