Pianka DNA Lab
Our DNA Lab.Our DNA Lab. Our DNA Lab.

In our DNA lab, we extract DNA, amplify it using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), purify and sequence the product using an automatic sequencer. We design taxon-specific primers. Bryan Jennings, Wendy Hodges, and Eric Pianka have done this successfully for 12s, 16s, cytB, ND2 and ND4 mitochondrial DNAs of various squamate reptiles. We have also sequenced the c-mos nuclear marker. We have reconstructed robust phylogenies for various squamate groups and we are exploiting modern comparative methods to study the actual probable course of evolution.

Ctenotus phylogeny inferred from 12S and 16S rDNA data (826 aligned positions, 118 informative characters). This strict consensus tree is based on 4 equally parsimonious trees (CI=0.667). Numbers above branches denote bootstrap proportions from 200 bootstrap replicates. Scincella lateralis, Hemiergis decresiensis and Eremiascincus richardsoni were simultaneously used as outgroup taxa. Abbreviations next to the C. pantherinus subspecies designate Australian states where individuals were collected (Qld=Queensland, NT=Northern Territory, WA=Western Australia). Light italics represent taxa with calli, boldfaced taxa are those with sharp keels. Heavy lines depict probable lineages with sharp keels whereas light lines depict the broad callous condition. Dashed lines indicate ambiguity.