Trophic dimension

Credits: Pianka ER, Vitt LJ, Pelegrin N, Fitzgerald D, and Winemiller KO. 2017. Towards a periodic table of niches, or Exploring the lizard niche hypervolume. American Naturalist. Supplementary material.


This plot shows the result of a PCoA only for Trophic dimension on the first three axes. Arrows indicate variables used for the ordination. To see variable loadings click here

Notice the main separation in three groups, related to Foraging strategy .

Looking from above (rotating the plot 90 degrees over the PC1), differences in diet composition become evident. Widely foraging lizards eating vertebrates (Varanus, Tupinambis and Heloderma) are grouped and separated from sit-and-wait foragers that also eat vertebrates, like Gambelia, Lialis and Anolis schypheus.

Find detailed information for diet in Appendix I.

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