BBC-Meeting 12.5. - 15. 5. 1998, Liberec, Bedrichov,

The Jizerské Mountains Protected Landscape Area



Friday, June 12, 1998

arrival, accomodation, individual excursions evening/night
socialising, exchange of papers, determination, getting drunk (all optional)


Saturday, June 13, 1998

morning - official opening
afternoon - excursion by cars to Cernousy - Oak pond evening/ night - beer and talks


Sunday, June 14,1998

full - day excursion to the Jizerské Mountains Ptrotected Area - common bus



           The Czech Entomol. Society - Water Beetle Group (Jaroslav Stastny) - <>

List of species of Dytiscidae

Names and addresses of the attendees

Photos of the collecting trip

B. J. van Vondel, A. Skale, W. Sondermann, Derek Lott
Garth Foster and Keith Miller - Garth and Keith together
Jochen Moelle and Lars Hendrich