By Miguel Archangelsky

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Hydrophiloidea, Hydrophilidae, Helophoridae, Epimetopidae, Georissidae, Hydrochidae, Spercheidae, immature stages, larva, pupa, egg case, biology, ecology, bibliography.

This bibliographic compilation started as a tool necessary for my research on immature stages of hydrophilids. Considering the large amount of information it contains, this list may be useful to many other researchers, therefore making its publication worthwhile. It includes references in which immatures (eggs, egg cases, larvae and pupae) are described or mentioned (i. e., as part of a phylogenetic study, part of experimental observations, etc.). Also general references that provide important and useful information on the biology or ecology of hydrophilids have been included (i. e. habitats in which adults can be collected, etc.).

Hydrophiloidea in this paper is considered in Hansen's (1991) sense. It includes the following families: Helophoridae, Epimetopidae, Georissidae, Hydrochidae, Spercheidae, and Hydrophilidae. Histeridae (considered by some authors within the Hydrophiloidea) is not included. References that deal with Hydraenidae, which until recently have been traditionally considered within the Hydrophiloidea (now within Staphylinoidea), have been omitted.

This list contains close to 400 references. Of course I expect that some references may have been overlooked, and to be able to complete and update the present compilation, I would appreciate receiving any citations, reprints, unpublished information (such as Ms. or Ph.D. theses), and also any corrections to the present list.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge an anonymous reviewer for his comments, and also Dr. P. J. Spangler for his comments and additions to the list.

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