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Molecular Genetic Analysis of Cytokinesis:

Cell movement is a process that is essential for all aspects of life. Cells display many types of movement: from the amoeba crawling in search of food to the neuron sending out a long axon to connect with a specific target cell. We are interested in the study of cell motility and its role in different aspects of cell biology. Our current efforts are directed towards understanding the molecular basis of cytokinesis.

The last step of the cell cycle, cytokinesis, is very poorly understood. What are the components of the contractile ring that divides a mitotic cell into two daughter cells? How does the cell determine the timing and location at which the contractile ring is assembled? To answer these questions we are using a combination of molecular genetic and biochemical techniques and we apply these to the unicellular organism
Dictyostelium discoideum. This organism undergoes cell division in a manner similar to mammalian cells, yet it is much easier to manipulate at the genetic level. We have generated a collection of cytokinesis mutants that will define important proteins involved in this process.

One of our mutants has a specific defect in a novel small GTPase which we have called
racE. This protein belongs to the rho & rac family of proteins that are known to regulate the actin cytoskeleton in mammalian cells. RacE-null cells fail in cytokinesis by regression of the cleavage furrow (Gerald et al., 1998). This regression is probably produced by a weakly organized actin cytoskeleton as evidenced by the profuse blebbing of racE-null cells undergoing cell division. We are actively engaged in determining how this important regulatory protein controls the distribution of the actomyosin cytoskeleton in response to the cell cycle.

Another mutant has a defect in a protein, called
lvsA, that is similar to a novel class of mammalian signaling proteins. This class includes the mouse beige and its human ortholog, the Chediak-Higashi Syndrome protein. The lvsA mutant cells fail in cytokinesis very differently from our racE-null cells. After forming a normal cleavage furrow, the cells develop a large 'bulge' in the middle of their furrows and cytokinesis fails. Intriguingly, this phenotype is similar to that of the clathrin-null cells, another cytokinesis-defective mutant (Niswonger, M. and O'Halloran, T.J.,1997,P.N.A.S. 94:8575-8578). Thus, based on the phenotype the lvsA mutants and sequence similarities of the lvsA protein, we postulate that lvsA is involved in a novel membrane processing pathway that is essential for cytokinesis.

The De Lozanne Lab: Lab Phone Number (512) 471-0862

Silvana Pavia Vila (Research Technician)

Juhi Yajnik (Graduate Student - Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program)

Hui Li (Graduate Student - Micobiology Graduate Program)

Qian Chen (Graduate Student - Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program)

Elena Kypri (Graduate Student - Micobiology Graduate Program)

William Marshall Guy (Undergraduate Student)

Kristin Zarzour (Undergraduate Student)

Current Publications

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CYTOFISSION IN RacE-Null mutants


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